Prasad Lendwe is the founder of Finnovationz, a company whose mission is to make India financially literate. He is the owner of the youtube channel “Convey by FinnovationZ, that has more than 1.56 million subscribers and mostly covers topics on Stock Market.
Prasad has an immense interest in the field of finance and has always wanted to make a contribution to the larger stock market community. He looks up to Charlie Munger, the legendary American investor for his ethical business and mental investment model, that he seeks to replicate himself.
Looking into his qualifications, Prasad is a Mechanical Engineer who wanted to pursue a career in finance that resulted in enrolling himself into an MBA program. This, however, was not what he was looking for as it did not provide him with a practical understanding of the career that he wanted to opt for. Hence Prasad eventually dropped out and started focusing on his venture of spreading financial awareness.
Prasad has contributed immensely to the financial education sector where he has hosted numerous financial education videos and webinars that have attracted the best of reviews. He has also designed many courses catering to specific levels, from amateur to professional on Finnovationz platform.
Coming from the small town of Malkpur, Prasad has grown significantly in the stock market and startup community. He launched his youtube channel back in 2014 and at this time, all he wanted to do was to share some financial knowledge. Little did Prasad knew that his youtube channel would one day rack up more than 1.4 million subscribers.
Convey by Finnovationz started off as a means of sharing knowledge about the basics of investing and the stock market. He later started branching out covering case studies and developments in the business world.
Further, FinovationZ as a company, was officially formed in 2018, taking forward the vision of spreading financial awareness. Later, Prasad came up with a series of courses designed for amateurs and professionals teaching from the basics of the stock market to more advanced topics like fundamental analysis and technical analysis. This was fundamental in the growth of his company which is now one of the leaders in the finedutech sector.