Mukul Agrawal is a Trader, Investor, finance and investment coach and Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Agrawal Corporate. This institution offers technical Analysis courses and provides cutting edge training for people willing to make a career in stock trading. He has also been conferred with Indian Achievers Award 2021.

Mukul Agrawal is also the owner of a popular finance-based youtube channel “The Mukul Agrawal” that has amassed over 600k subscribers. The Youtube channel has been instrumental in helping many people who are new to the stock market. His channel covers various topics in the financial world such as Technical Analysis, IPOs, market conditions etc. The youtube channel was started 3 years ago and has been helping new and experienced investors ever since.

Apart from all this, Mukul Agrawal is also a motivational speaker and has given multiple important TEDx speeches.